Cultivating Your Emotional Wellbeing

1185620_443885755743662_1861191120_nReaching For Emotional Wellness

Many of us believe that obtaining and sustaining emotional well-being means the absence of suffering from a serious psychological disorder, such as being bipolar or having a borderline personality disorder. While these are serious mental health issues, the concept of emotional wellbeing as addressed here, is learning how to manage the anxiety, stress, and depression that comes with life-changing trouble such as divorce, loss of a loved one, or going through a cycle of financial hardship. These are just a few life events that can challenge our sense of safety and wellbeing.

Life Changing Trouble Causes Stress, Anxiety And Depression – A Natural And Painful Process

We need to remind ourselves that even when life has thrown us a particularly difficult stressor, such as the type mentioned above, it is quite normal to lose our sense of wellbeing. Yes, it hurts when we feel sad, aches for love and companionship, or feeling frustrated with a job or relationship that is not fulfilling or consistent with whom you know yourself to be. It is the very nature of life to encounter these challenges and upsets. It is unavoidable and they are not necessarily bad for us when we consider the larger context of our life.

Change Is Natural And Necessary – Even Though We Feel Threatened By The Unknown 

No one escapes the experience of life without facing some form of life-changing trouble and the emotional upset and suffering that comes with such experiences. While it is true, that some of us seem to have more of it then others, we need to remember that each one of us is a unique being and has been born into a unique set of life circumstances and challenges. It’s really quite a miracle when you think about it. Just consider how boring our lives would be if we were all the same, living the same life, day after day.

You will notice that all of these major life stressors have one thing in common – the sudden realization that you will need to “change” yourself or your circumstances if you wish to return to a sense of wellbeing. And many times you will need to change both if you are really committed to transforming your life for the better.

We View Life In Terms Of Opposites

We tend to view our lives in terms of opposites. We are either rich or poor, healthy or unhealthy, lucky or unlucky, sad or happy. Then we emotionally react to believing that’s how life really is – but it is not. Not feeling sad is not the same as feeling good. Not feeling sad is just what it means – not feeling sad. There are highs and lows – but most of the time – we are someplace close to the middle – which actually is a pretty good place to be. Almost every great spiritual discipline speaks of the middle-way as the sacred center, the place where you experience a very real sense of peace.

We need to be conscious of the fact that all of us, to one extent or another, has been programmed to believe that our happiness is determined by how fashionable we look or how much we earn compared to others. Trying to obtain a sense of wellbeing through these measures is self-defeating. There will always be people that have less or more than you. Realizing this we look beyond the insanity and understand what is driving these beliefs in our lives. Living a life that is pervasively driven by commercialism causes it. This is not to say commercialism or being material driven is bad, it only becomes damaging to our emotional wellbeing when we measure our own personal value against these standards.

Feeling Well Means Doing Things That Make You Feel Well

It is not enough to just desire emotional wellbeing, we need to do things that directly cause us to experience a higher state of wellbeing in our lives. There are many different activities and things that you can do.

Here are just a few things you might consider:

Develop A Regular Meditation Practice

Get Enough Rest. 

Eat Healthy – Good Nutrition  

Exercise Relieves Stress

Get Sun. Sunlight Lifts Your Mood. 

Limit Alcohol And Drugs. 

Be Generous With Others

Be Good To Your Mind – Keep Learning

Get A Pet – No Kidding It Really Helps

Find Meaningful & Creative Work

Stop Judging Yourself And Others

Find And Cultivate Your Spiritual Center

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