Vermont Legal Aid And Pro Bono Services

What Is Legal Aid And Pro Bono Services?

Legal aid and Pro Bono services help low-income people by offering legal advice and services for those who are unable to afford them. As legal fees rise, fewer people are able to afford legal services such as eviction, divorce, bankruptcy, and employment matters. Each legal aid provider listed below offers a limited menu of services, so it is advised that you contact them before applying for assistance.

How To Qualify For Legal Aid?

To receive legal aid you must first establish that you have a legitimate legal trouble for which legal aid can assist you with and that your income is low enough to qualify for such assistance.

What Are Legal Lenders?

For those who cannot qualify for legal aid, but still require immediate help, there are legal lenders that offer a variety of ways of borrowing money in emergency situations.

What If My Family Requires Other Emergency Services?

If you can’t qualify for legal aid but require other types of emergency services such as local shelters, home voucher (section 8 housing), cash assistance, access to local food banks, and how to apply for food stamps, visit the GotTrouble Financial Hardship section for your state>>

Vermont Legal Aid And Pro Bono Statewide Services

Legal Services Law Line of Vermont Volunteer Lawyer’s Project
Primary Address: 30 Elmwood Ave
City: Burlington
State: VT
Zipcode: 05401-3621
General Phone: 802-863-7153
Fax: 802-651-4130
Counties Served: Chittenden
Case Types: AIDS/HIV, Bankruptcy, Consumer, Child Custody, Dissolution of Marriage, Domestic Violence, Education, Elder Law, Employment, Housing, Individual Rights, Real Estate, Torts, Wills
Case Restrictions: Attorney availability


AIDS Project Of Southern Vermont
Primary Address: P.O. Box 1486
City: Brattleboro
State: VT
Zipcode: 05302
General Phone: 802-254-8263
Fax: 802-254-3613
Other Case Types: AIDS/HIV

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