Secured And Unsecured Loans – Distinction

Unsecured loans

These loans are also called signature loans. No collateral is required. The money lender lends the money based solely on your promise to pay back the loan, principle and interest, under the terms of the loan agreement. The lender of these types of loans requires excellent credit for reasonable rates. If your credit is less than excellent, an unsecured loan is still possible, but it will be at rates significantly higher.

Secured loans

The most popular type of secured loan arises out of your ownership of real property. Known as mortgage equity loans, the collateral pledged to secure repayment of the loan is the equity you have in the real property you own. Theoretically, if you default on the loan, the money lender can force you into foreclosure and recoup the balance of the outstanding loan from the sale of the proceeds of the home. There are many types of home loans.

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