…Trouble Into Treasure (continued)

The Power Of Perspective – The Fuel Behind Transformation

The gift behind our suffering is the deep knowledge and wisdom we gain from experiencing and understanding a fuller and broader range of the human experience.

One way to see it is that we are souls in training and we belong to a greater purpose, the realization of which reveals itself to us in the process mystics refer to as spiritual transformation.

It is the knowledge and wisdom born of knowing that what we perceive as opposing forces in our lives, such as joy and sadness, poverty and wealth, love and hate, are all entirely dependent on how we choose to perceive them within the context of our lives.

Even though it does not feel as if our perspective is the cause of our own suffering – in truth it is – and the transforming process of moving through challenging times, although painful and arduous, serves a greater purpose for our soul. It forces us to grow, to learn the lessons we have come here to learn.

We hold within us the potential to see and understand our world in any way we choose. And how we perceive our world shapes how we will experience it. In our life, what we consider opposites, challenge us, test us, stretch us, and dare us to understand more of who we are and what we are capable of being. And who we are, is part of the creative source of everything.

The Buddha Transcended And So Can We

The popular image of the happy Buddha sitting under the Buddha tree smiling and at peace is inspiring, but it is also terribly misleading; for the Buddha was able to reach the transcendent state only after having gone through long and arduous journeys fraught with personal agony, defeat and yes periods of great suffering and loneliness. Not unlike what you are probably experiencing in life right now.

Life contains both joy and suffering. No one escapes this ultimate condition, unless they can transcend the meaning and therefore the experience of it. To reach this level of spiritual maturity we must first embrace the transformative process as positive and awe-inspiring path that leads us to our greater self.

Each state-of-being follows the other towards a greater understanding of our lives, and in this understanding, we are given the opportunity to grow and transcend beyond the limited perspectives that have kept us chained to our fears and negativity.

I believe that we are here to learn and become who it is we wish to be – and that is entirely up to each of us. To create as the creator creates, to become self-making beings of unlimited potential. To be whatever it is we wish to be. This is the gift of transformation. Shakespeare understood this profound truth when he wrote, “To be or not to be, that is the question…”

So who exactly is it you wish to be? I believe this is the question you are being faced with right now as you go through the personal challenges that confront you. You are deep in the process of transformation my friend and what you need to keep remembering is the truth of who you really are and then reclaim this great truth as your own.

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