Traffic Tickets

You may be issued traffic tickets for two kinds of driving violations: moving violations and non-moving violations. Speeding, failure to comply with traffic signals or signs and making illegal turns are examples of moving violations. Illegally parking your car is an example of a nonmoving violation.

Many people have received a traffic ticket for a moving violation. Consider these scenarios:

  • On your approach to a stop sign, you look left, right and straight ahead. Seeing no other cars, you think, “I’ve checked out every direction and there’s no traffic. I can cruise through this stop sign at 5 or 10 mph. I’ll save my break pads.” So you do. The only problem is, a short way down one of the streets is policeman on a motorbike. He promptly pulls you over, and gives you a ticket.
  • Do you know an area of town where it takes forever for the light to turn green, resulting in a backlog of traffic? Perhaps it’s worst during rush hour, when you can end up waiting through one or two cycles of the light before finally being able to drive through. Under such circumstances, it’s tempting to keep on moving as you approach the intersection and the light turns yellow. Even if the light turns red, you’re sure you’ll be able to get across without a problem. However, if the intersection is one of an increasing number that feature traffic cameras taking pictures of drivers, then you may receive a packet in the mail one day, containing photo of you running a red light – as well as a traffic ticket.
  • Trying to get to work on time, you exceed the speed limit while attempting to get past another car so that you can change lanes and exit the freeway. The officer who pulls you over doesn’t sympathize with your explanation and you find yourself arriving at work even later than you feared – and with a $300 ticket to boot.

In a number of states, receiving a traffic ticket for any one of these moving violations may mean that you’ll be doing some time in traffic school.

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