Traffic Tickets – License Restriction And Suspension


Traffic Ticket Lawyers

There are many different types of criminal defense lawyers. There are even those lawyers that focus their law practice on helping drivers fight all types of driving violations.


Fines, License Suspension And Traffic School

Nothing can end your driving privileges faster then getting your drivers license suspended resulting from an accumulation of fines and tickets or a drunk driving conviction. Driving while on a suspended license can result in further suspension or revocation of your driver’s license along with being incarcerated in county jail.


Traffic Tickets

Read about the two major types of traffic tickets. Learn about the penalties for traffic violations: points, fines and traffic school.


Attending Traffic Schools

What are some of the court rules and regulations regarding traffic schools? Learn about the different types of traffic schools: site based, online and home study traffic schools.


Avoiding Traffic Tickets

Read some tips on what you can do to avoid getting traffic tickets.

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