Traffic Ticket Lawyers

There are many different types of criminal defense lawyers. There are even those lawyers that focus their law practice on helping drivers fight all types of driving violations.

As state and local budgets dwindle, public officials have resorted to raising revenue through the imposition and strict enforcement of traffic laws that usually result in expensive fines and driver penalties.

Most drivers rarely consider the long-term implications of being found legally responsible for traffic violations, but receiving a traffic ticket is not what it used to be in past years. Fines for moving violation are not only expensive, the increased insurance premiums that follow can be financially devastating for low-income drivers.

Traffic ticket lawyer fees can seem expensive, but so can the imposition of fines and penalties should the driver actually get convicted of repeated violations for such things as speeding, reckless driving and especially drunk driving.

Multiple Traffic Tickets and Fines

Receiving multiple traffic tickets in a single year can result in the full suspension of your driving privileges, including driving to and from your place of employment. A threat of suspension can often mean a threat to ones ability to earn a living, especially if the driver is required to use his or her vehicle as a condition of employment – say nothing of the implications to commercial drivers.

In many jurisdictions being convicted of three or more moving violations in a single year can result in automatic suspension of your driving privileges.

The local traffic court, often working with the department of motor vehicles, have the legal authority to suspend, revoke or otherwise restrict your drivers license for a fixed period of time, sometimes even for years.

Many Types of Traffic Tickets

Fix-It-Tickets are not considered to be moving violations and therefore traffic lawyers are rarely retained to fight such cases.

If the police ticket you with a fix-it ticket such as a broken tail or headlight, it will normally not count in the same way that a moving violation counts and usually will not result in increased points or suspension of your drivers license.

On the other hand, non-moving traffic tickets such as failure to maintain a valid and current drivers license, vehicle registration, or liability drivers insurance coverage can result in suspension and further restriction of your driving privileges.

Speeding Violations

The most common moving violation, and by far the most popular pretense for a police officers decision to stop a vehicle is for violating local speed law, otherwise known as driving at an unsafe speed for conditions.

Depending on the speed alleged on your traffic citation and the location of the violation, being convicted of speeding will most often result in heavy fines, driving school, and if multiple past speeding convictions are detected, the suspension and or restriction of your driving privileges. For this reason, traffic lawyers are often retained to help fight speeding tickets.

Often the traffic lawyer will challenge the methods law enforcement employ in order to prove their case. This can mean challenging the accuracy of a radar gun or the reliability and mechanical efficacy of certain types of traffic light speeding detectors.

Other types of traffic violations these types of lawyers are called upon to defend include running a stop sign or red light, not yielding to pedestrians in a crosswalk, and failing to yield the right of way to pedestrians.

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