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Whether you are looking to rent an apartment or you’re involved in a landlord-tenant dispute, know your legal rights as a tenant. Learn about rental agreements, payment of rent and security deposits. Learn about the landlord’s duty to provide you with a safe and habitable premise. Learn how to fight eviction if your legal rights were violated.

What If I Get An Eviction Notice?

The first issue you want to resolve is to determine the type of eviction notice you received. This will tell you what you need to do and how to respond.

Tenant Rights – Fighting Eviction 

Having trouble with your landlord? Learn about lease agreements, rent, needed repairs, fighting eviction, payment and return of security deposits, tenant privacy rights, tenant discrimination, noise law and legal nuisance, leaving the residence and relocation tips on moving and storage…

Fence And Property Line Disputes

Learn about fence law and property line disputes and determine whether you have the legal right to require a neighboring property owner to modify or remove their fence. Learn about the kinds of state and local laws to protect property owners from encroachment and property law claims for adverse possession…

Zoning And Land Use Laws

Learn about land use laws and legal implications of property zoning ordinances and how they can effect your legal rights. Learn how commercial developers manipulate zoning modifications to increase their property values often without regard to general communities interest or welfare…


Learn why so many people are facing foreclosure? Learn the law of judicial and non-judicial foreclosure. Learn how to fight foreclosure Consider whether your property is financially worth saving. Learn about your state foreclosure laws and your legal options. Learn how to manage your well being as you deal with pressing debt, family disruption, money trouble and relocation…

Noise Law – Legal Nuisance 

As a tenant you have the legal right to the quite enjoyment of your premsises. Intrusive noise from early-morning lawn mowers, loud music, barking dogs, late night parties and electronic drum blasters can be a violation of your legal rights. If you are a victim of unlawful noise violations you have the right to abate the nuisance by taking legal action. But there is a specific legal process you must follow…

Free Tenant Rights Forms

Best to be legally prepared when dealing with your landlord. You don’t always have to consult with a lawyer on basic legal documents such Notice To Landlord of Needed Repairs, Intent To Vacate and more.. Take advantage of FREE legal forms for tenants.

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