Tax Trouble And IRS Collection – Taxpayer Rights



Dealing With The IRS

What happens if you receive a letter from the Internal Revenue Service? How should you correspond with the IRS? What is the Taxpayer Advocate? 

IRS And Collection

How does the Internal Revenue Service go about collecting unpaid taxes? What are the different methods the IRS uses collect? Can you pay the IRS in installments? Can you negotiate with the IRS to accept less than they demand? Is bankruptcy an option…

Tax Penalties 

Learn about all the different tax penalties, such as estimated tax penalty, delinquency penalties,   and accuracy-related penalties. Find out how to avoid the penalty, and what will happen if you don’t…

Tax Consequences – Independent Contractor Versus Employee

Are you an employee or independent a contractor of your employer.  If your employer has mischaracterized your employment status with them your employer may be liable for your employment tax and other penalties…

Employment Taxes

What is the penalty for failure to pay employment taxes? Can an employer use the withheld funds? What happens with independent contractors…

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