Video -Drunk Driving – How Can I Challenge The Validity Of A “Blood Test” For Alcohol Concentration?

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Understanding Felony Drunk Driving In California

California DUI Attorney Discusses Felony DUI Understanding California DUI California drunk driving law involves two primary allegations. The first alleges that you were driving under the influence of alcohol and or/drugs, such that you were so impaired you could not safely drive your vehicle. The second is that while driving, irrespective of the degree of your Read more…

Drunk Driving In California

Arrested for drunk driving in California? It may be some small comfort to know you’re not being singled out. Driving under the influence is the most frequently charged misdemeanor in the state. In 2012, alone, there were over 180,000 separate DUI criminal filings in California. The California Drunk Driving Statute is Vehicle Code Section 23152 (a) Read more…

Legal Lenders – Consumer Tips

When you or a loved one, such as a child, is suddenly facing eviction, criminal charges or foreclosure you may need  access to a quick loan. You may need money to make bail and/or pay for attorney fees on a drunk driving charge. In criminal matters, especially in juvenile law, legal fees vary and depend mostly on Read more…