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Outdoor storage units are most popular types of storage units mostly because they are also the most affordable. Outdoor units are not climate controlled but do offer 24/7 access and security. When you store items in these conditions, they should, but are not always able to withstand high levels of heat, moisture and cold. If you have property that is sensitive temperature, you will want to consider going with a indoor temperature control unit. A 5 x 10 unit can cost you on average about $115./month including insurance. Many of these facilities give away the first month free. You have to buy your own lock which they will be happy to sell you along with rope and boxes.

If you lose your key to the lock, the facility will likely charge you about $20.00 to cut through your lock.

Climate Controlled Storage – Indoor Units

Climate control storage units are environmentally sensitive and tend to be more costly. Climate Controlled storage units keep their units at a constant temperature range between 55°F and 75°F. These types of storage units are tightly enclosed units and, therefore, resist dust, pests, and humidity.

Some of the questions you will want to ask in determining whether you would benefit from a climate controlled storage unit include:

Does the temperature where you are storing items drop below 35 degrees or rise above 90 degrees Fahrenheit?

If so, consider if those temperature ranges can damage what you are storing. Both extreme levels of heat and cold can damage furniture if not properly packed and protected with insulated covers.

Is the storage facility in a high-humidity climate?

If so, you face the risk of pests, rust and mold. Black Mold is particularly dangerous to your health when it grows on wood and then you are exposed to its air-borne spores.

Do you intend on storing items for a long period of time?

Clearly if you have valuable personal property and you intend on storing the items for more than a year or two, it would be a good idea to obtain extra protection by renting a temperature controlled unit.

Rental costs vary depending on Geography and state.

Depending on where you live, a temperature controlled 5 x 10 storage unit can cost you in the range of $140./month including insurance. Inner city storage will be more expensive than rural storage facilities.

Prices fluctuate considerably from state-to-state for both indoor and outdoor storage units. So do your shopping and don’t be reluctant to negotiate price with the manager. They are often amenable to special discounts.

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