Spousal Support – Alimony

Spousal Support – Alimony

A court order that one spouse pay money to the other spouse for his or her support either during the divorce proceeding or after the divorce has been granted.

In many states, the court will consider the following factors and as well as others in determining spousal support:

The ability to maintain the standard of living established during the marriage, taking into account all of the following:

The ability of the spouse seeking support to gain self-supporting employment

The extent to which that spouse’s present or future earning capacity was impaired by periods of unemployment during the marriage to permit the supported party to devote time to domestic duties.

The extent to which the supported party contributed to the attainment of an education, training, a career position, or a license by the supporting party.

The ability of the supporting party to pay spousal support.

The needs of each party based on the standard of living established during the marriage.

The obligations and assets, including the separate property, of each party.

The duration of the marriage.

Any other factors the court determines are just and equitable.

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