Senior Safety Monitoring Devices

Ensuring Senior Safety Through Technology

Falls can often turn into fatal injuries. In fact, according to many elder experts, falls are the number one cause of death due to injury in people over age 75. This is particularly true with elders suffering from Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s or any form of dementia mainly because they are prone to get disoriented and suddenly be unaware of their immediate physical environment.

It is often up to the elders family to ensure their loved one is safe by taking all reasonable precautions. This may include that your loved one has some form of monitoring technology on their person or nearby.  It does not matter whether your loved one is living with you, at their own home, or at a board and care. No safety system or environment is guaranteed to be full proof.

Safety And Emergency Alert Devices Come In Many Forms

Senior monitors come in various forms. Some can be worn comfortably by the senior. There are also bed, chair and mat alarms available with remote and mobile receivers. These added layers of protection can provide the caregiver confidence that there is immediate access to communication should an emergency arise.

There are also GPS devices as well as emergency information wristbands and two-way communication devices available at reasonable prices and which add to the overall safety for your loved one.

Here Are Some Senior Safety Products To Consider:

Medical Guardian
The latest Medical Guardian Medical Alert Systems Classic Guardian option allows users to move 1,300 feet (nearly 400 meters) in any direction from the console while staying protected, an improvement over earlier models. The pendant buttons are relatively subtle and can be worn on the neck, wrist, belt or pocket. The base unit, which has a battery life of up to 32 hours, is also smaller and sleeker than other companies’ offerings.

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Bay Alarm Medical

With the Bay Alarm Medical Alert System, users wearing the pendant can move 1,000 feet (305 m) in any direction and still be in range of the console, a generous distance compared with many at-home systems. In most cases, the device will work even through exterior walls, offering protection for people when they’re out in the yard as well as inside the home.

The waterproof alert pendant can be worn as a necklace or wristband or clipped to your belt. The system’s battery backup lasts 32 hours. Bay Alarm also offers smoke and carbon monoxide monitoring for an additional monthly fee. For an extra monthly fee, customers can get an add-on fall-detection device that will automatically call for help when needed, as long as you have a landline. Unfortunately, the system does not include GPS tracking or medication dispensers.

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No-Fee Alerts

If you’re looking for a cheaper option, consider a no-fee medical alert device that doesn’t have professional monitoring services. These products, come with an “SOS” button and a home base station that is  pre-programmed to dial emergency contacts numbers such as: 911, caregivers and family members. Most devices store four phone numbers and the system is able to dial each of the numbers one-by-one until a connection is made.

The companies that sell these sorts of products is LogicMark which allows you to speak through a pendent. The purchase price: $300, with no ongoing monthly fees. You may also want to consider Telemergency, which offers a variety of no-fee medical alert devices that cost under $190.

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