Prepaid Legal Plans

Do You Really Need An Expensive Law Firm?

Legal Services Made Simple And Affordable

For those who cannot qualify for free legal aid, there are discount legal service providers that provide basic legal work at highly discounted rates. Enrollment in a reputable national legal plan requires a very modest monthly enrollment charge but the hourly rates are highly discounted and many types of consultations are performed without charge, depending on your plan. Discount legal plans often include unlimited phone consultations for new legal matters. To find out more about discount lenders. One of the most reputable legal plans is operated Legal-Shield which has more then one million members.

Clients find a lawyer with the appropriate skills from their designated firm and receive the legal services they need in accordance with the plan.. The benefit for lawyers is that the bills are paid by the plan provider! The benefit to you is highly discounted legal services from reputable attorneys.

The basic service provided under most plans in generally legal advice and consultation, review of simple legal documents, preparation of a basic will, and letters written and even phone calls made by your lawyer to an adverse party.

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