What Is An Employee Formal Union Grievance

Employee Complaint – Union Grievance

A “grievance” is a written claim the union files for the worker against the employer. The grievance explains why the employer’s actions were not for “good cause.” The grievance generally asks for a specific “remedy” – such as giving the worker back the job (with back pay) or removing a letter of warning from the worker’s file.

How soon does the employee have to file a grievance?

That depends on your contract with the union, which probably specifies deadlines for filing a grievance, which are often very short – sometimes a matter of days. The worker must file the grievance within those deadlines or forever lose the right to file a grievance.

How do I defend against a grievance?

Ask a lawyer for help in proving your case. The lawyer should be experienced in defending against grievances. Tell the lawyer about all of your evidence, including the testimony of supervisors or managers and any documents or reports that show that you did nothing wrong.

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