Deportation For Criminal Acts

You can be deported from the U.S. for a number of reasons, including firearms violations, drug-related offenses, aggravated felony convictions, falsification of documents, terrorist activities, marriage fraud, status violations, and more.

If you’re being deported for reasons other than aggravated grounds, and can’t qualify for other forms of relief, one of your options might be voluntary departure. This means that you agree to leave the US voluntarily within the time limit set by a judge. You must be financially able to leave and have a passport to be eligible for this form of deportation relief. Another requirement is that you’ve maintained good moral character for five years preceding the application for voluntary departure.

An advantage to this type of deportation relief is that you’ll be able to return to the US in the future and can avoid the negative stigma and legal restrictions that are often associated with deportation. However, if you fail to leave the country within the time set forth by the immigration judge, the order for voluntary departure becomes a final order of deportation, and you can lose all forms of future relief.

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