Workers’ Compensation – Work Injury Coverage

Workers’ compensation laws require employers to pay employees benefits for injuries incurred on the job, no matter who is at fault for causing the injury. In return, these laws take away the workers’ “common law” right to bring lawsuits against employers for injuries caused by employer negligence.

Workers’ compensation normally covers all employers, regardless of size. However, most employers carry insurance to cover workers’ compensation claims, so if you file a claim, you will probably deal with an insurance company rather than your employer, because the money you receive will come from the insurance company.

Workers’ compensation covers all kinds of illnesses, injuries, and disabilities that are caused by your job or made worse by your job. Workers’ compensation usually pays your medical bills and reimburses you for some of your lost wages.

Does my injury have to happen on the job?

Yes. Workers’ compensation covers only “work-related” injuries. Your injury has to happen on the job and somehow be caused by what you are doing at work. Your job doesn’t have to be the only cause of your injury – it only has to contribute to the injury.


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