How Do I Complain To My Employer About Unpaid Benefits?

Carefully. If you have a dispute with your employer about your benefits (such as whether you’re getting the right amount of pension money), ask your employer for a pamphlet called “Summary Plan Description”. A description of your rights to make a claim or appeal should be in that pamphlet. For a really detailed description of your rights, you should ask to see the “Plan Document”. The Plan Document is usually a thicker binder filled with tons of information. Just ask to see the section on claims and appeals.

Do I need a labor lawyer?

You are not required to have a lawyer in order to make a claim. But this area of the law is extremely complicated, and there are lawyers who specialize in benefits law. So, if you have a serious dispute with your employer about your benefits, an attorney who knows this area could be a lot of help to you. You should consult with an employment lawyer to get a better understanding of your rights. You can then decide whether it’s worthwhile to hire an employment attorney to represent you in filing a claim or a lawsuit.

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