Defective Products – Strict Liability Claims

A products liability claim may occur when someone is injured as the result of a defective or faulty product or piece of equipment. If a product is placed on the market in a defective condition, or is negligently designed, the manufacturer or seller may be liable for injuries caused by the product. If you are injured as the result of a defective product, you may be entitled to collect damages to compensate you for your injuries. It is important to save the product and make sure that it is not thrown away or damaged in any way.

In most cases, it will be necessary for you to have the product as evidence in order to prove the defect. Due to newer, more sophisticated technology, a doctrine of “strict liability” has evolved to help protect consumers who rely on a manufacturer’s assurance that a product is safe. Under this doctrine, an injured consumer may collect from the manufacturer without having to prove that the manufacturer was at fault. Most products liability cases, however, are highly technical and usually involve a great deal of investigation, as well as expert witnesses to evaluate and testify as to the defect.

Products liability litigation is complex and should be handled by attorneys who specialize in this type of law. 

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