Ramps & Stairways Personal Injury Liability

Ramps and stairways may be dangerous structures if not constructed and maintained in a reasonable and proper manner. Most states have various building codes that govern how ramps and stairways should be constructed and maintained.

In situations where a person or company has failed to abide by established building codes and injury results from that failure, the injured person may bring a negligence suit against both the builder and the owner of the premises. If a violation is established and an injury is proven, the person who violated the law may be  held liable under the legal theory of negligence per se. In these types of legal actions, the burden of proof shifts from the plaintiff to the defendant, the one that violated the statute. This shift in the burden of proof makes it far more likely the plaintiff will prevail.

If there was no violation of a law, the plaintiff will need to prove the owner’s or builder’s negligence. It is important to consult an attorney experienced in personal injury law if you have been injured by a fall on a ramp or stairway.

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