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Discounted prescription drugs medication

Many major metropolitan areas have twenty-four-hour urgent care facilities. These emergency facilities are mostly attended by physicians, registered nurse practitioners and nurses trained in urgent care medicine. These centers are designed to serve the immediate and urgent needs of the patient.

The injury does not have to be life-threatening or dangerously serious, to visit such a facility. Quite the contrary, if you are unsure of the potential danger presented by your injury, the urgent care doctor can assess the extent of damages, prescribe medication and perform diagnostic tests such as taking x-rays or ordering CT scans.

In personal injury cases, insurance adjusters expect claimants of injury-induced accidents to obtain urgent care immediately and will think less of your claim if you don’t. In personal injury litigation, the defense will attempt to argue that the claimant was not really injured because they did not seek emergency care.

In reality, there are many types of injuries that do not present immediately but rather days after the accident. These include closed-head head injuries and serious soft-tissue injuries where the pain is usually felt the following day.

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