If I Adopt, Will The Child Know Who Her Birth Parents Are?

In most states, no, if you adopt a child, they will not know who the birth parents are. But some states allow children access to this information. Many states also allow biological parents and adopted children to register with the state and exchange information.

Do the birth parents have any visitation rights if I am adopting a child?

In most states, no, the birth parents don’t have any visitation rights if you are adopting their child because the identities of the birth parents and adoptive parents are not known to each other. In states in which the two sets of parents do know each other’s identities (known as “open adoption” states), such visitation might be allowed.

If I adopt a child, what happens to the child’s birth certificate?

When you adopt a child, ordinarily a new birth certificate is issued and the child’s last name is changed to that of the adoptive parents. The old birth certificate is sealed and is normally not available to anyone.

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