Moving Services – Legal Tips

Relocating – What You Need To Know 

 the terms many moving forms, their terms, and systems of valuation, movers
 may try to limit their liability — even to items of particularly 
high value — unless those articles are specifically noted
and addressed in the shipping documentation. To obtain
 coverage for expensive and rare items, discuss the matter
with your mover. Make sure any declaration as to the value
of significant items is in writing and that the protection
is clearly delineated.

 may be able to purchase separate liability insurance through
your mover. If you do, you must receive a record of the
purchase and a copy of the policy.

the costs and benefits of the different forms of protection 
carefully and make sure you understand exactly what type
of valuation you’re buying and what you’re risking before 
you sign.

aware that most movers will not assume liability for damage 
to items that you’ve packed into boxes yourself. A carrier
will be responsible for the loss of a carton as well as
damage to items inside a carton where it is evident that
the carton itself became damaged during the move and that
the cause of that damage resulted in damage to the carton’s

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