Intrastate Moving

 moves and those within a state are called intrastate,
and these are regulated differently than moves that cross
state borders, or interstate moves.

 covering the intrastate transport of household goods vary 
from state to state. Some states, such as Maryland, are
unregulated. In California, the California Public Utilities
Commission regulates the licensing, rates and conduct
of the moving industry. Moves within the state of New
York are governed by the New York State Department of
Transportation. To find out what, if any, organization 
has jurisdiction over movers in a particular state, contact 
the state’s Attorney General’s Office.

 should be aware that even in states that regulate household
 goods carriers, some types of moves and storage may not 
be covered, nor will disputes over such issues as billing 
or delays.

 the effort to learn about your rights as a consumer and
 the regulations that affect your intrastate move.


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