How Does A Drunk Driving Conviction Effect Your Auto Insurance?

Although all states forbid insurance companies to deny coverage to policy holders because of race, religion, residence, age, or occupation, you should be aware that your policy may be canceled or your premiums dramatically increased for being convicted of a drunk driving offense. Most insurance companies will cancel your insurance or dramatically raise your premiums if you are also convicted any one of the following offenses:

Driving on a suspended license;

Having an excessive number of traffic violations or;

Being convicted of a felony or convicted of criminal negligence arising out of operating a motor vehicle or;

Having been convicted of a drunk driving offense.

Insurance companies measure and evaluate risk. With a drunk driving offense you have shown yourself to be an excessive risk. In addition, other agencies such as the DMV will also be informed of your conviction which will likely effect not only your driving privileges but also your chances of obtaining a job, especially if the job you are applying for requires driving.

In time, your rates will be lowered again if you complete all the terms of your probation and do not get another serious traffic violation within a certain amount of time per state law.


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