Sealing Juvenile Records

Juvenile Law – Sealing Police Records

Juvenile records are closed and ordered sealed at the court’s discretion. The juvenile court may seal and destroy the records of a juvenile at any time. However, in many states, the juvenile court is usually required to destroy the juvenile’s court records when the juvenile reaches the age of majority, which in most states is 18 years old. Some states refer to this process as expungement, but technically, this term is rarely used in most jurisdictions.

The importance of destroying the records becomes evident when the juvenile attains legal age because the judgment in juvenile court is wiped away and gives the juvenile a chance at a fresh start.

There are very strict criteria for sealing police records or sealing court records. Many jurisdictions differ in the rules and criteria needed to expunge a felony. This is why it is important to find a criminal defense professional you trust, to walk with you through the legal steps involved. An experienced juvenile defense lawyer can tell you if your son or daughter is eligible, how long it will take to seal the record and the cost.

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