Bounty Hunters And Bail Enforcers

Bounty hunters, or bail enforcers, are often hired by bail agents to locate, arrest, and return the accused person to court. Bail enforcers share the rights to arrest with the hiring bail bond agent.

These include no need to obtain search warrants or extradition documents within the United States. Breaking and entering is permitted by bail enforcers if the residence is that of the individual they are tracking. However, the bounty hunter needs to be certain he or she has the right person, or both the bondsman and the bounty hunter are liable for damages and lawsuits for false arrest.

Many states require bounty hunters to register with local law enforcement prior to making an arrest. Failure to notify the local agency can result in fines and even jail time for the bounty hunter. The rights to arrest held by the bounty hunter don?t transfer to foreign countries. Charges of kidnapping can result for arrests in foreign countries. Bounty hunters are able to carry firearms and should be trained in the legal aspects of their position. Contact a bail agent for additional information on bounty hunters.

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