Bail Agents And Extradition

Arrest – Bail Agents – Extradition

Although the bail agent’s right to arrest can include extradition, many special circumstances may be involved. Bounty hunters have the right to arrest an accused individual who has fled the court. However, the process of returning him or her to the court can be somewhat complex.

In some instances, the bail enforcer may have to register with the local legal authority prior to the arrest. Failure to do so can result in fines, jail time, and even kidnapping charges for the bounty hunter.

Many bail agents have the arrest warrant and other necessary documents available, so a court appearance in the city or state where the arrest occurs is not necessary. The extradition authority of the bounty hunter does not carry over to international law. So if the accused individual has traveled out of the United States, the extradition would be subject to the international agreements made between the two countries involved.

State laws vary as to the recognized authority of a bounty hunter to arrest and extradite accused individuals. Bail agents can provide additional information on extradition procedures.

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