Bail Bond Forfeiture

Bail bond forfeiture results when court appearances are missed by an accused individual. Once a person charged with a crime misses the court date, a bench warrant is issued for their arrest. The court also states a forfeiture date in which either the charged individual must be located or the bail amount must be paid.

The bail agent may hire a bounty hunter to locate, arrest, and return the bailed person to the court. If the accused party has not been located or hasn’t turned him or herself in by the forfeiture date, the agent pays the full bail bond amount to the court. In addition, the bail agent takes action to foreclose on any collateral guaranteeing the bond.

The bond agency is mandated by law to refund any amount gained from the sale of collateral that exceeds the bail amount. The bond indemnity should be willing to assist in locating the accused party prior to the forfeiture date in order to maintain his or her property used as collateral. For additional information on bail bond forfeiture, contact a bail agent or an attorney.

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