Bail Bonds And Conditions

Bail bonds have conditions that can vary depending on the type of bail bonds, the restrictions of the court, and the bail bond agreement. One necessary condition of bail is the obligation to appear at any and all court appointments and trials. Bail for release, appeal procedures, and parole applications can limit your travel to within a certain area.

Courts may give permission to travel if you provide detailed information about your plans to the court officer. Bail agents also have the right to impose restrictions on their terms of bail bonds. If you have a drug problem and refuse treatment, a bail agent can make treatment completion a requirement of the bond.

An agreement with this condition can send you back to jail if you fail to complete the treatment. Mandating treatment in this manner can ensure that you get needed help. Additional conditions may include continued employment or meeting scheduled appointments with court officers. An attorney or bail agent can provide additional information on bail bonds if you need assistance.


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