Department of Motor Vehicles – Traffic Schools

Department of Motor Vehicles – Traffic Schools

State and local law traffic enforcement write out literally hundreds of thousands of traffic citations every year. The department of motor vehicles (DMV) records and tracks these citations and matches them against individual driving records which determines the states respective point system based on driver safety.

Part of this program are the hundreds of traffic schools statewide that can help you get traffic violation points removed from your driving record. Attending traffic school can also result in receiving substantial savings on car insurance premiums, which is the primary reason most people attend traffic school. In most cases the material covered in traffic school includes rules of the road, driver safety, and information on the states point system.

Most traffic schools follow the rules and guidelines set out by the National Safety Counsel, which is the largest and most recognized provider of defensive driver training in the nation.

Currently there are three ways to complete a traffic school course, at the traffic schools place of business, online or through a home study program.

At Traffic School – Place of Business

The most popular way drivers attend traffic school is by attending a class at the traffic schools location. The course is usually for a full day and some traffic schools even serve lunch as part of their offering. Other traffic schools try to attract students by making their courses entertaining – some schools even use out-of-work comedians to teach their courses.

Online Traffic Instruction – The Internet

While most traffic students opt for attending traffic school at a local traffic school location, a growing number of students are electing to take their traffic school lessons from the comfort of their own home. It is a very convenient option. Students can work at their own pace (you still must meet the court’s certificate of completion deadline) and you don’t have to worry about enrolling at a particular class location. In some cases it may even be less expensive than attending regular traffic school.

Home Study Traffic School

Working on the traffic school material at home has many of the same advantages as online courses and provides the same benefits to those who don’t have access to the Internet. Some traffic schools use computer based interactive driving lessons, which help students navigate real-life driving scenarios right from their computer.

Traffic schools are privately run and most questions you have concerning the costs, hours, or available locations should be directed to the traffic school you choose and registered to attend. Here are a few tips on how to find an inexpensive traffic school near you.

Whether the traffic school is online or offline, you will need to compare tuition fees between DMV approved providers. For a fast check on traffic school prices, you can use the phone book or Internet to make a list of all the local traffic schools within your city or county, and then call them to ask about specific tuition pricing. You should also consider the additional cost associated with attending different traffic school locations. Some schools include free parking while others have you park at expensive lots.You might also need to pay to have your certificate of completion mailed to the court. These charges may be small, but they can quickly add up.

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