Landlord Running Your Credit – Tenant Rights

How’s your credit rating?

Your landlord is going to want to know whether you’re a good risk before renting you an apartment. You don’t want any surprises. Your prospective landlord certainly doesn’t either. Get a copy of your credit rating and take it with you when you go to look at apartments. Make sure it’s current.

Poor credit may make it difficult for you to rent the apartment you want, but it won’t necessarily make it impossible. If you can find someone to act as your guarantor, a landlord may accept you as a tenant. Make sure that your guarantor knows that a letter isn’t going to be enough; his or her credit worthiness will be assessed.

Landlords that obtain tenant credit profiles that provide information on whether you have been late or delinquent in paying your rent, student or car payments, convicted of a crime, prior evictions, whether you have prior lawsuits and whether you make enough money or borrowing history to establish a positive credit history.

With landlords armed with your history it might be a good idea to have letters of reference from former landlords and employers.

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