Viewing A Potential Apartment – Questions To Ask – Tenant Rights

If you make an appointment to go and view an apartment, keep it. If you need to change the time, call the landlord. Don’t be a no-show. You don’t want to annoy your prospective landlord; this may be the perfect apartment.

Make a list of questions to ask your landlord. But only the important ones. If you have too many, the landlord may decide that you’re going to be a nuisance. Here are some questions that you should ask: When is the apartment going to be available? Is it currently occupied?

Ask about the rent. How much is it? When is it due? How much is required for a security deposit and what are the attendant terms? The lease will probably specify any penalties for late payment of rent; you may not want to ask the landlord about these since it may give the impression that you’re not going to pay on time.

Are there any rules about subletting, or roommates?

Are you allowed to make any modifications to the apartment? — such as painting it, adding shelves, etc.

What about pets? Security? Laundry facilities? Parking? Garbage removal? Cable Internet access?

These questions, and others, may be answered in the lease. You should look it over very carefully before signing it. If there are issues that you feel are important, make sure that they are written down and included in the lease agreement before you sign so as to avoid any misunderstandings later on.


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