Timing Your Relocation – Factors To Consider

You are going to be relocating. Here are some factors to consider when might be the best time to move.

In college towns, there tend to be mass migrations in early summer and again in the fall as the student enrollment turns over. In urban areas, the holiday season doesn’t usually yield a lot of new rentals; people generally prefer not to add a move to the mix at such a busy time. A lot of families try to move during the summer when their children are out of school, so there may be more competition during those months.

If you have the luxury of choosing when you move, then it’s often a good idea to shift from a lease to a month-to-month rental arrangement so as to have the flexibility to move when you find the perfect place. Make sure that you fully understand the notice terms of your lease or your rental agreement.

However, if you have to move, then you have to, and it doesn’t matter if it’s a good time or not. You just have to do the best you can.

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