Apartment Hunting Tips


Apartment And Neighborhood Security

You need more than just a roof over your head; you need to feel safe and to know that your belongings are secure. Checking out the security features of a building is a key component of apartment hunting.

How effective are the locks? If there’s a controlled entry that’s meant to provide security for tenants, is it propped open so that anyone can come and go? Does the landscaping around the building obscure parts of it? That is, does it offer cover for someone who’s up to no good?

Learn About The Building

Does the superintendent live in the complex? If not, what kind of a presence does the management company have? How accessible is its personnel? Is there a maintenance person on the property? If you see a resident, stop and talk and see what other persons say about the apartment management, building, and neighborhood.

Student Housing Posts – New Local Vacancies

If you’re a student, your college probably has a student housing office to help you find a place to live.

Walk Don’t Drive Around The Neighborhood

If you’re able, go for a walk as often as possible in the neighborhood you are considering relocating to. Also, you might even find someplace better. Sometimes an apartment vacancy will only be advertised by way of a sign in front of the building.

Word Of Mouth

Let your friends and the people you work with know that you’re looking. Someone may come up with a lead for you. The best apartments often change occupants without ever being advertised.

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