Make A Moving Checklist – Relocation Tips

Have a moving checklist and give yourself more time than you think you’ll need to get organized. You’ll need it.


  • Keep all documents relating to your move in a file folder or container so as to access them easily if you need to.


  • Inform the relevant utility companies of your pending move. Make arrangements with the service providers at your destination.


  •  If yours is to be a long distance move, make sure you have maps of the route and that you make reservations for accomodation along the way, particularly if you’re travelling during the busy summer season.


  • Check out your insurance policy. Ensure that you and your stuff are covered throughout the move and as soon as you’re moved into your new home.


  • Make sure that the carrier has the information necessary to contact you while the shipment is in transit.


  • If you’re going to do the packing yourself, start well in advance. If the mover is going to do the packing, be sure to set aside the things that you’re going to keep with you during the move, and then separate the things you’ll want unpacked first and point them out to the packers so that they can load them last.


  • Arrange to have your appliances and sensitive electronic equipment serviced and prepared for travel, if necessary, prior to the pickup date.


  • Check with a computer technician about safely transporting your computer and its data.


  • Arrange for child and pet care on your departure and arrival dates. You need to be able to focus on the your moving checklist.


  • You should be there yourself to oversee the packing (if it’s being done professionally) and loading of your goods. Remember that you have the right to be present at any weighings, too.


  • You should also be at the destination to meet the truck and supervise the unloading.


  • Remember to read the Bill of Lading carefully and to be fully satisfied with the information it contains before you sign it. Keep your copy and keep your moving checklist with you during the move!

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