Do-It-Yourself Moving Tips

Moving and relocation is often the result of a separation or divorce and sometimes it’s because you have been evicted or had to move from your previous property. Whatever the reason, you should consider the cost-benefits of do-it-yourself moving.

For do-it-yourself moving, plan each of the steps involved and check out the truck and storage rental companies carefully. Be organized; you’ll thank yourself later.

Get A Big Enough Truck

Make sure you get a truck that’s big enough for all your possessions. Professional movers have mastered the art of fitting numerous objects of varying size, shape and weight into a limited space – undamaged. You’re not a professional mover, so the risk of damaging something or yourself is greater when you choose to move yourself.

It’s a good idea to rent a truck that’s bigger than you think you’ll need because your belongings will probably take up more space than you might anticipate. Figure out how much time it will take you to pack and then unpack the truck, as well as the time to return the truck to the agreed upon location.

Calculate Distance – Factor In Equipment

Calculate the distance you’ll be driving so you can estimate the mileage charge. Don’t forget to include gas costs and any tolls you’ll encounter en route. You’ll need to think about equipment such as dollies, furniture pads, flashlight, tape, cartons, and packing materials.  You’ll also need to think about your own vehicles and how to relocate them to your new residence.

Appliances may need to be specially prepared for moving, and so may sensitive types of computers, printers and electronics. You may decide to make child care arrangements for the considerable time that you’ll be spending packing and loading. If you’re going to need to spend the night at a hotel or motel in the course of your move, check into the cost and consider making a reservation.

Pet Planning

Don’t forget to factor your pets into the plan.Preplan how you’re going to care for them throughout the move. You’ll need insurance for the truck, your possessions and insurance for yourself. Also be sure to check that you’re covered for liability and property damage when driving the rental truck.

If you’re going to need to leave the loaded rental truck unattended overnight, or for any period of time, consider the risk of theft. Be careful and enjoy the move!

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