Selecting A Funeral Home – Factors To Consider

As you would when searching for any professional service, you should shop around to find the best fit. The National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) can give you a list of member funeral directors in your area. Look for a reputable, licensed funeral home, and try to get personal references, too, from friends, relatives or clergy.

The NFDA can be contacted at 1-800-228-6332. The Association’s website is a good resource:

A funeral director can play as large or as small a role as you like with respect to the funeral. Beyond supplying the goods and services you request, the funeral director can help you to plan a ceremony that meets your needs. A funeral doesn’t have to take place in a church or at the funeral home; rather, it can be held at a location that fits the character and honors the life of the deceased. A good funeral director can help you with the details, such as explaining state regulations, arranging to get certified copies of the death certificate and a certificate of cremation or burial, and assisting with Social Security and Veterans death benefits.

Funeral homes have 24-hour phone numbers so that consumers can call at any time to arrange for transportation of a body and subsequent funeral preparation.

A funeral director should respect your financial boundaries and help you to plan arrangements to fit your budget.

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