Space Burial


Blasting Off For Good – Space Burial

For those who want to slip Earth’s bonds and travel among the stars, it is now possible to have your cremated remains launched into space to orbit Earth or to journey into deep space. Encased within a personalized flight capsule, some of your beloveds ashes can be sent into space as a unique memorial to a life lived on Earth.

The first space burial occurred in 1992. with NASA’s space shuttle “Columbia” which carried a portion of Gene Roddenberry’s cremated remains into space and returned them to Earth. In 2016, private companies are in the business of space burial and the good news is that your beloved does not need to return to earth.

The cremations are carried into space by a Taurus rocket, launched from Vandenburg Airforce Base, near Los Angeles, California. For those who are fascinated by space, this may be a fitting way to end a long terrestrial journey. To learn more about space burial, go to the website of Celestis Inc.  And for those bereived pet owners that have been left behind by the loss of their pet, you will be relieved to know that this same company also performs pet space burials. In 2014, the first pet memorial space flight was launched with pet cremated remains. Imagine the joy, looking up at the stars and knowing that your beloved pet might be looking back at you.

The price of launching into lunar orbit or deep space is around $12,000. For those who prefer a lower altituide and price tag, you can choose a launch that carries your beloved into Earths orbit for about $5,000. For others, this isn’t far enough and actually are willing to spend the extra money for the added distance.

Space may be the final frontier, but it is becoming increasingly accessible to the living and the deceased.

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