Buying A Used Car – Consumer Tips

What is a certified used car?

Certified used cars can be a trade-in, program car, or a lease return. When the dealer receives them in to inventory the service department does a rigorous inspection. If after the inspection they can bring the automobile up to the factory standards for certification, they will. At that point the factory usually offers a special certified used car warranty. Certified used cars tend to be late model, in great shape and a little more expensive than a non-certified used car.

What are trade-ins?

Trade-ins are cars that customers trade to the dealer for a new car. Most dealers are only able to keep 3 out of 10 trade-ins as the others require too much reconditioning, have too many miles, or are just too old. New car dealerships will sell the automobiles the do not want to used car wholesalers who then dispose of them properly or re-sell them.

What is a Lemon Law buy back?

“Lemon Law Buy Backs” are automobiles that the manufacture has purchased back from an individual under the lemon law. The manufacture then fixes the problem and sells them at auto auctions as used cars (Fully disclosed). We recommend that you stay away from these. If the problem was that easy to fix, they would not have had to buy it back in the first place. Usually these are presented as a “Spectacular deal” however, buyer beware! For more information on lemon law visit our consumer section by clicking here.

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