Posting Bail

When posting bail, persons being held in a county facility after being arrested must find out whether a bond amount has been set for their release. In most counties, bond amounts are preset in accordance with the seriousness of the crime. Judges do have the power to change the bond amount in individual cases. Once you learn the amount of the bond, you should decide whether to pay the bond in full or to apply for the services of a bail agent.

If you are posting bail, it will be necessary for the exact amount of cash posted to be brought to the county facility. You will then be released and given a receipt indicating the date you must return for trial. Upon the successful completion of the case, the bail amount should be returned to you. However, should you be convicted, plead guilty, or plead no contest to the offense, the court has the authority to apply part or all of the bond to any fines or court costs imposed upon you by the judge.

If you do not have sufficient funds, or if you choose not to post a cash bond, it may be helpful to contact a bail agent. He or she is an independent business person who will post a bond to secure your release from the county jail in return for a fee. Generally, the fee is ten percent. Additional collateral may be required by the bail agent.

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