Can I See My Credit Report?

If you are denied credit, you are entitled to a free copy of the consumer credit report that formed the basis of the denial. The creditor is required to tell you the name of the credit reporting agency that prepared the report on you. You must request a copy of your credit report from the agency within sixty days of the denial.

The three major credit reporting agencies are:

Experian, (800) 301-7195
Equifax, (800) 525-6285
Trans Union, (800) 680-7289

When the creditor tells you the name of the reporting agency that furnished the report, call them to find out their address. Then write a letter to the agency requesting a copy of your report.

Even if you have not been denied credit, it is probably a good idea to check your credit report for accuracy periodically. They often contain mistakes, and when you want to get a loan, you may not have time to correct them. Because you haven’t been denied credit, the report isn’t free. The credit reporting agency is allowed to charge you no more than $8.00 for a copy of your report.

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