The Taxpayer Assistance Order

Have a note pad and pen or pencil handy, so when you do reach an assistant, you can easily note the date, time of the call name and badge number of the IRS employee assisting you. IRS employees are now required to give their badge number. They will say it quickly, so do not be afraid to ask them to repeat the number if you do not get it at first. You should also jot down the content and nature of the conversation.

Taking notes will help you clarify and remember what you are to do and when you are to do it. Notes may also help corroborate your position if later there is any conflict about what was said. As an added precaution, it may be advisable to follow-up your telephone conversation with a letter to the IRS in which you set down the contents of your conversation. You will of course need to have asked for the IRS employee’s address.


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