Enforcing Child Support Laws

In child support laws, what can you do if your ex-spouse won’t pay the child support the judge ordered during a divorce case?

The child support order is a judgment and can be enforced like any other judgment – for example, by requiring the payor’s employer to pay the amount directly to the custodial parent, by having the payor’s bank account seized, or by having the appropriate official sell property owned by the payor.

In addition, if the payor has the financial ability to make the payment, but refuses to do so, he or she can be cited for contempt of court and can be jailed. Some states may also provide for criminal prosecution for non-support. Child support laws do vary from state to state, so check with an attorney if you have questions.

What can you do if the paying ex-spouse moves to another state and fails to pay? All states have procedures for collecting child support under these circumstances. An experienced family law attorney will know the procedure for enforcing your child support judgment. Check with a family law attorney in your area if you have questions about child support laws.


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