What Factors Are Considered By The Court Regarding Child Support?

The parent asking for modification of the child custody amount in a divorce proceeding must show changed circumstances, such as increased or decreased needs of the child, increased or decreased income, obligations because of a subsequent marriage, changed custody arrangements, or any other factor which the judge feels is appropriate to take into account under the guidelines established by the particular state.

Before the factors are considered by the court will require full and complete written disclosure of each parents financial condition including all income and expenses. Once the court has a fix on each parents ability to pay, the court will rule based on what is in the best interests of the child. In this context the following types of factors will be considered in determining child support:

 Income Potential of Both Parents

Income and Needs of Custodial Parent

Age of Children and Special Needs of Child

Childs Standard of Living Before Divorce

Educational and Health Status of the Child

The “Best Interests Of The Child” Is The Essential Feature In All Court Determinations With Respect To Child And Support Issues. See How Your State Defines the “Best Interests of The Child. ” 



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