Divorce Mediation

Divorce Mediation Services

The family
 law attorney or mediator for divorce mediation does 
not represent either one of the spouses who is going through 
the divorce, but explains the law and the result you’re 
likely to see if you can’t agree: Specifically have  the
 judge, a complete stranger, decide the case for you. It’s risky business.

With divorce mediation services, the mediator
 will try to get the couple to come to some agreement, 
in order to avoid the risk and expense of going to trial.

 the divorce mediation is successful, the divorce mediator 
will prepare a marital settlement agreement, give a copy 
to each party, and ask each party to consult with his or 
her own family law attorney to make sure that
 the agreement makes sense and that each person fully understands 
what the agreement provides and what is being given up.

In most states the mediator is also the lawyer working with each spouse and their respective lawyers at the same time so the essential terms of the settlement agreement can be agreed to and form the basis of a more formal agreement upon the completion of the mediation.

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