What Is A Divorce Settlement Agreement?

A  separation agreement, also known as a property settlement agreement, is a written contract that details the dividing  of your property, itemizing your rights as well as such issues as alimony and custody. A marital separation agreement may be drawn before or after you have filed for divorce.

How do we agree on how our property should be divided?

During this divorce, both parties can agree on how the property should be divided. Division of the marital property can be agreed on during divorce proceedings. Such an agreement will be included in a marital settlement agreement.

Agreeing on support?

You can also agree on support. Like a property agreement, support will be included in a marital settlement agreement.

Must a marital settlement agreement be in writing?

A marital settlement agreement must be in writing.

Can we amend the settlement agreement after we signed it?

You can amend the agreement if you both consent to the changes. It can also be amended  by a court order, provided the agreement does not specifically state that the agreement is not subject to any court modification. This clause however does not apply modifying provisions regarding the care and custody of the parents minor children.

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