MRI – Personal Injury

Diagnosing serious personal injuries often requires the use of a MRI. Also referred to as magnetic resonance imaging. The MRI is considered the most powerful diagnostic tool for actually seeing detailed images of the human body. The MRI can show the exact location and shape of a disk bulge or herniation, it can show detailed images of lesions, soft tissue and spinal cord abnormalities to name a few.

One complete scan can take about an hour to perform. It is noninvasive, painless, and there are no documented side effects. The most common complaint is the length of time it takes and the feeling of being closed in while lying flat within the MRI scanner. The major disadvantage of the MRI is its high cost. A basic scan of the cervical and lumbar region of the spine can exceed two thousand dollars. Also, since the MRI uses strong magnetic fields to create the images, people that have implanted metallic objects or pacemakers are not allowed to have the test.

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Physicians & Hospitals

If you suffered an injury or accident seek medical help as soon as possible. Just because an injury might seem minor, it doesn’t mean you will not require medical care. Many injuries can manifest themselves days or even weeks after an accident. This is particularly true in car accident cases where a moderate to sever impact could cause real injury to your neck and back. MORE >>

Personal Injury Law

Not all accidents entitle you to compensation. Learn how damages are measured and how the personal injury system works.   MORE >>

Personal Injury Lawyers And Services

Personal Injury lawyers represent clients in accidents and injuries arising out of the negligent, intentional or wrongful acts of others including corporations and public entities. The goal of the personal injury lawyer is to assist the client in obtaining both justice and full and fair compensation for the losses sustained as a result of the accident.   MORE >>

Type of Cases

Car accidents are treated differently than bus accidents. Accidents involving falls can be harder to prove than medical malpractice cases. Learn the law related to your accident. MORE >>

Worker’s Compensation

Find out what workers’ compensation is and what it covers. What types of injuries are covered? How do you file a claim? MORE >>

Common Injuries

How do personal injury lawyers prove that a person has been injured? When are injuries considered a permanent disability? How will your work be affected? Learn the difference between such injuries as a herniated disk and a serious muscle strain.  MORE >>

Chiropractic Care

What is chiropractic care? Learn if chiropractic care can help. Learn about soft tissue injuries and whiplash. Learn why you might consider alternative health care. MORE >>


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