How To Choose A Chiropractor

Choosing chiropractors can be a very difficult decision. Even if family, friends, co-workers or neighbors refer you to a chiropractor, you’ll still want to determine whether or not the one they recommend is right for you.

One of the things that you can do is ask to meet with the chiropractor for an initial consultation, which in many cases is free.

Questions to ask chiropractors

Be sure your chiropractor any questions you may have. There is no such thing as a silly health question. Here are some common questions:

1. What technique do you practice?
2. What is your experience with my particular condition?
3. Will you work with a medical doctor or orthopedic physician?
4. What is the fee schedule and do you accept insurance?
5. What are your hours of business?
6. Do you adjust only the spine?
7. Do you use physiotherapy modalities such as moist heat pack, electrical stimulation or ultrasound?

Warning signs

As is the case with any other profession, there are bad apples. Try to be careful that the chiropractor you choose is not more interested in your money than in your health and well-being. Look out for these common warning signs:

1. X-rays performed routinely or without reason.
2. Excessive treatments without justification.
3. Unwillingness to work with medical doctors.
4. The chiropractor keeps scheduling appointments for you even though you have no problems or pain.
5. Beware of a chiropractor that sells you large quantitities of herbal supplements. Beware, too, of marketing gimmicks that scare you and obligate you to attend the chiropractor’s office.
6. Look out for high tech equipment that seems impressive but has little scientific data to support the benefits.
7. Avoid a chiropractor that sells a technique that only he or she can perform.

Most importantly, find chiropractors that you are comfortable with, one who has good communication skills and has no problems answering all of your questions.


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