Personal Injury Lawyers Fees

Some personal injury lawyers bill on an hourly basis and their rates depend on their region of practice and their level of experience. An attorney representing a plaintiff in a personal injury action will usually take the case on a contingency basis.

A contingency agreement between an attorney and client means that the personal injury lawyer will only be paid for his or her work on that case based on a certain percentage of the money awarded to the client. Contingency fee cases are risky for attorneys to accept because they may not get reimbursed for their time and effort if the client does not recover.

Many attorneys charge a different percentage depending on whether the recovery is by way of settlement or trial. Because much more work will usually be required if the case goes to trial, the percentage of a recovery applied to the attorney’s fee once the trial begins may be higher. Keep in mind that all personal injury fees are subject to negotiation. You do have a say on the percentage the attorney charges.


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